How To Prepare For The Viking Ninja Test

This weekend we closed out the first ever Viking Ninja White Belt Certification Prep Course in Chicago. Thank you to all the VKNJA’s who came out to attend the course and begin their Viking Ninja journey. We can not wait to walk alongside of you and watch as you grow in your training! Seeing as this was a White Belt prep course rather than the full VKNJA white belt certification, we decided to put together a few tips for how you can continue your training and prepare for the upcoming Viking Ninja test.

1. Application

Take what you have learned from the Viking Ninja White Belt Prep Course and integrate it into your fitness routine. Familiarize yourself with the moves and work towards increasing mobility, range of motion and repetition. Refer back to your notes as needed, and follow along/ try out the combinations the trainers post online.

Esik: Founder, CEO and Master Coach

TJ Lawson: Steel Mace Master Coach

Zane Roebuck: Bodyweight Master Coach

Helpful Viking Ninja Accounts:

2. Continue Learning

Stop by MSP for regular classes and attend other Viking Ninja workshops. MSP coaches offer one-on-one in person and online personal training options for all VKNJA’s in training/ aspiring VKNJA’s. The coaches will create a customized plan to help you reach your goals and pass the Viking Ninja test!

Viking Ninja Test at Midwest Strength + Performance Gym in West Chicago, Illinois

Have confidence in your ability to pass the test. You made it through the prep course and have come this far- you’ve got this! Remember, consistency is key and practicing is the only way to improve.

Bonus Tips:

  • Set a timer and see how many reps you can do in a certain amount of time.

See how many reps you can get in this challenge, from Zane- and

while you’re knocking out these challenges, try this one from TJ!

  • Record yourself to make sure the form is correct.

  • Grab a friend or family member and teach them the moves. Having a workout buddy can make training more fun!

Click here to see when next Viking Ninja White Belt Certification/ Test will be and if there is one close to you!

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