MSP coaches will break exercises down to make sure everyone is using the equipment safely and effectively. We strive to make each individual person feel comfortable by encouraging everyone to train at their own pace and begin at their own starting point.



This Program is meant to provide improved movement patterns, awareness and overall fitness capacity. There will be a focus on mindful mobility, strength, conditioning and aspects of durability/ decompression. Let your own body weight humble you in this educational yet challenging class!


Come train like a fighter! This program utilizes a variety of fighting methods (all NON-CONTACT) to help awaken your body's full potential! earn different ways to maximize the fighter in you! Looking for a great sweat? This class is for you! 


A strength and conditioning based workout utilizing unconventional and traditional tools such as the steel mace, steel club, and battleropes, as well as bodyweight movements.



A free workout for high school students on Sunday nights. Learn how to lift or further your fitness experience, connect with other high schoolers in the area while deepening your relationship with Christ. Students are able to learn more about Christianity in a safe and welcoming environment. 


Whether you are a mom, dad, teenager, or anyone for that matter, this class will help you narrow the presentation of your waist, increase your v-taper, get your abdominals to show more, glutes to pop, and increase definition in your arms. This class is built around getting you the symmetry, definition, physique flow, and aesthetics that you always dreamed of. Dietary tips will be given to all who attend as do-able nutrition is what truly makes the difference in how your body looks and feels.


The MSP Powerlifting Team is where customized programming is combined with an encouraging group training setting. Every athlete on the MSP Powerlifting Team is provided an individual program tailored to help them achieve their goals.



Suspension is an innovative method of body weight training designed to develop core stability, strength, balance, and flexibility. Originally created by Navy SEALs, suspension training delivers a fast, effective total-body workout that can be easily modified to benefit all fitness levels. In this class, you’ll leverage gravity and body weight to perform hundreds of exercises! 


Building strength using unconventional tools such as kettlebells, steel maces and steel clubs in a measurable strength based rep range. Challenge your strength by mixing in conventional movement patterns with heavy unconventional tools and see your numbers skyrocket!


Designed to teach kids the importance of living a healthy lifestyle in an age-appropriate way. Coaches help develop each child's hand-eye coordination, and balance while teaching the importance of respect and discipline through non-contact boxing, elements of martial arts, agility drills, and more!