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Women of the Wolfpack | 6 Week Steel Mace Series

  • Midwest Strength + Performance (map)


Learn the basics of the steel mace and progress to more advanced exercises during this six week program with the Women of the Wolfpack at MSP! Geared towards beginners and experienced macers alike, workouts will challenge your strength and conditioning. Learn movements like the archer, 360, and decapitator and combine them to create a full body workout. Laughter and soreness guaranteed! Register at or email janice@mspgym.comfor more info!


The steel mace is, in its essence, a club with a weighted ball at one end. The disproportionate weight distribution creates instability, forcing you to activate stabilizer muscles while you move the mace through various swinging and movement patterns. This fun and functional training provides an effective way to build your rotational core strength, improve your grip strength, and when combined with HIIT style exercises, results in full body conditioning all in one workout.


  • Build Core Strength

    • The uneven weight distribution of the mace forces your body to engage your core, thus improving your stability, balance, and coordination.

  • Grip Strength

    • Often overlooked but strengthening your grip will help you with pull ups, deadlifts, or opening that stubborn jar of pickles!

  • Full Body Conditioning and Strengthening Multi-planar exercises performed in a HIIT style or duration workout challenge multiple muscle groups guaranteed to leave you breathless!


Steel Mace workout in Chicago for women

*MSP offers maces ranging from 7 to 40 lbs.

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